Larger Breakfast Could Help Combat Obesity

Recent studies find that a larger breakfast and smaller dinner could help prevent obesity as well as lower blood sugar as discovered by The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. The study revealed that foods consumed at breakfast time resulted in diet induced thermogenesis twice as high as the same meal consumed for dinner. This speaks to the significance of eating a hearty breakfast.

The study conducted consisted of 16 men who were observed over a period of three days. All men followed a high calorie breakfast and lower calorie dinner. The following three days men followed a lower calorie breakfast and higher calorie dinner. The findings revealed that a lower calorie breakfast lead to higher sugar cravings throughout the day. The study also revealed that a larger breakfast lead to a higher diet-induced thermogenesis than that of a larger dinner.

This suggests that obese patients consider consuming a larger breakfast rather than a larger dinner. Doing so could help reduce sugar cravings as well as help increase energy expenditure throughout the day. There are also plenty of delicious and healthy breakfast meals for you to try.

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