Every Life insurance company views diabetic clients differently. Some may asses them as more of a risk, while others may be more lenient. Your rate class will be assigned based upon your perceived risk to these insurers. This is why it is crucial for your agent to understand how each individual insurer views diabetic clients and we’ve got you covered.

John Hancock Aspire

John Hancock has designed a product which now offers clients living with type 1 & 2 diabetes strong support and long term financial security through John Hancock Aspire.


 This product is life insurance designed specifically for those living with diabetes and even offers support with managing your own diabetes. John Hancock Aspire rewards healthy steps taken to help manage and control your diabetes through its Vitality program which is included with Aspire. The Vitality program features two plan options and supplements you with the incentives and seminars you need to stay healthy longer. It can even save you up to 25% in premium savings. Features:

  • $25 Apple watch opportunity with regular exercise  
  • Healthy food discounts
  • Online newsletter and webinars for health & nutrition
  • Up to 25% savings on premium


For those living with Type 2 Diabetes John Hancock offer Onduo which is a state of the art program featuring :

  • Coaching
  • Education
  • Tools
  • Clinical Support

How do I get started?

In order to enroll in the John Hancock Aspire program you can:

  1. Select a life insurance offering which satisfies your individual needs and elect Aspire
  2. Register for Vitality and fill out a health questionnaire 
  3. If you have type 2 diabetes, register for Onduo
  4. Utilize your diabetes management tools provided by vitality and duo for a healthier you while earning rewards. 

John Hancock Aspire is only available to you through the purchasing of a licensed agent.