The Benefits of Exercise for Diabetics

How Exercise can Help Manage your Diabetes Symptoms

For those living with diabetes and all other individuals included, exercise can make numerous positive differences in ones diabetes management and overall life. Exercise helps regulate weight, lower cholesterol levels, reduce stress, and strengthen bones. In people with diabetes exercise also lowers blood glucose levels and counter insulin resistance.

Recorded benefits from studies monitoring effects of exercise on diabetes;

  • Individuals with diabetes who engaged in walking for a minimum of two hours a week were less likely to die from heart disease
  • Exercise was shown to reduce Hba1c levels in diabetics by up to 0.7%
  • Resistance training proved to lower insulin levels in diabetics
  • Women with diabetes who practiced regular exercise were 40% less likely to develop heat disease than those who did not

If you are diabetic you should practice exercising 1-3 hours following meals to ensure adequate blood sugar levels. It is important to monitor your blood sugar levels before and after workouts to help avoid hypoglycemia. In cases were your blood sugar levels are too high exercise may be discourages is it could actually raise your levels even higher. Always consult a physician to ensure your exercise routine is safe for you and your individuals health profile.

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