Long-Term Care Insurance for Diabetics

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Long-term care insurance and diabetes may seem like an unlikely pair however, regardless of your diabetes you may still qualify for coverage. Every insurer will use varying criteria to determine eligibility and premium rates per applicant. This is why it is best work with a licensed and experienced professional who understands how coverage for diabetics works.

Is Insurance for diabetics more expensive?

Costs associated with your long-term policy will vary dependent upon your individual health profile regardless of diabetes or not. With that being said some insurers will rate only 10% more per diabetic applicants whereas, others will charge up to 50% more. This is why it is important to shop around and have a good knowledge of different insurers and how they work with diabetic clients.

Most insurers will require a physical as well as a review of your medical records before approving you for coverage. However, some insurers will not require you to undergo a physical and you can opt for non medical exam coverage.

Even if you have been denied for coverage in the past , that doesn’t mean you are ineligible to try again. Working with a specialist can help increase your chances for coverage as only 20% of their applicants are denied as opposed to higher percentages when applying for coverage alone.

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